Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Checkerboard Time


Proceeding along with a more improvisational approach to the Sister Artists 2 quilt. Somehow, I always go to the checkerboard.

 I guess I just love how checkerboards look and they're fairly easy for me to do well-enough for my purposes. I think it adds more interest and a contained sort of movement that a solid border wouldn't achieve.  I used the handy dandy Dritz chain-piecing cutter basket that friend Jaye gave me to cut the units apart. 

Using these two not too contrast-y fabrics with some of the off-white from the first border is a left-over impulse from the Lone Round Robin where I tried to repeat the main fabric in each border. 

This quilt is not going to be all borders, very soon I will be breaking out of all the orderliness of adding border after border.

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