Friday, May 14, 2021

House Building

Here's how all the 5" squares I've gotten cut out for the Village quilt. There are 116 here and I need 297 to make the pattern without a repeat. I also have a bunch of Lecien modern prints that I haven't cut squares from.That will brighten up the overall color palette quite a lot. Some of these squares are very very dark and they might not work out too well in a quilt like this, I'll have to go back and fussy cut out a piece that has lighter colors. I may need to add another criteria for fabric selection besides Japanese or Japan-related to expand my stash only fabric choices. I'm going to make a couple of the blocks to see how they look made up with these fabrics.

A slightly better picture of the background fabrics after washing. 
The three colors remind me of the sky colors in Japan that I remember.

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