Friday, May 28, 2021

All Village

It's All Village All The Time around here. Mostly because of the many piles of pieces and parts with little labels for the sizes to help in further cutting. You can see the stack of uncut charm squares, there's a whole lot left to cut up and use. Maybe that's a good title: All Time Village
I'm assembling a few at a time and am trying to keep it pretty random as far as which pieces are chosen to use, but I am arranging until I like all the combinations. I'm also snapping a picture before I start sewing so that I get them sewn together "correctly".
Here's how The Village is looking so far with a bit of the background strips. They look so fun together, I'm loving how all these wild prints work.
This one is my favorite so far, it makes me smile.

It really is fun working with these fabrics. They really are different in most ways, designs, colors, and even the fabric types. 
Another favorite.

The fabrics with some English words are sometimes quite amusing to me. The translations aren't always exact which is just how translations are a lot of times. I'm glad it's not written in Japanese characters because I wouldn't have a clue what it would be trying to say. Lovely Animal indeed. Maybe that's a good title: Welcome to Lovely Animal Village.

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