Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wearing Out

What we wear. The theme of self portrait challenge this month. These are pictures from the dog walk this morning. Taken with the camera on my phone which was a little blurry smeary this cold AM.
So, to describe the outfit of the day:
I'm wearing my very very old, ready to be retired red fleece pullover. It is no longer soft and comfy, it is becoming scratchy, so it will be replaced. I love to wear red. I chose it because it was already out and sitting on the chair when we scrambling to get out the door this morning.

Underneath I've got a brand new white tee-shirt which has the football roster and logo for my son's team. It isn't a men's tee, it is a women's so it is cut differently and I think I like it, at first it seemed tight, but now I'm used to it and like how it looks.

Then I've got black "sport" knit pants from Land's End, my newer ones that actually have some stretch and elasticity remaining. They are so comfy and look pretty flattering I think. Except for, I know and recognize that I should really really throw out the completely used up ones that make me look like a schlump.

Boring grey and black Joe Boxer ankle socks and my earth shoes. I wasn't planning on walking the dog, she talked me into on the way back from my morning bus run of dropping off kids at school. Otherwise I'd have had my tennies on. It was pretty cold out, so I wished I had my gloves or hat. But Zelda got me to walk pretty quickly to warm up.

I have to admit right up front, I don't wear very exciting clothing. I never really have, even when I was younger. I also used to really care about what I wore, I find that now, I truly don't care about it much. I have other things that are of primo importance in my life. I think that is something that does change for a lot of women as they age.

It sure would be easier to be Zelda the wonder dog. Dressed up for her involves a bandana. And it isn't even her idea, never crosses her mind to put on something besides her collar. How nice would that be? Not that I'd be comfy being a nudist in a non-nudist world...

I am all about comfort at this point. Because of the illness that I have, there are physical issues that I have to accommodate, mainly no binding waistbands allowed. And of course with my body shape, I really should have a defined waistline, in order to not look like the proverbial brick house. Oh well!

Then there are the preferences that I've ended up with at this point in my life. I find that I gravitate to mostly cotton, soft knits, natural fibers. Anything with colors that I like, that is what I choose to wear.
I don't see a lot of people, or interact with them on a daily basis in a professional setting, so that freedom from wearing business suits or *gasp* pantyhose is definitely not missed! Oh and here is a kaleidoscope made out of one of these pictures, just because.
What are you wearing??

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Sacred Suzie said...

Polar fleece wearers unite! :)

I think red looks good on you and it's nice to meet another woman who isn't afraid to wear fleece in public. If I had a dog (and one day I will) I will absolutely be wearing the same kind of outfit on our walks together.