Monday, November 12, 2007

Closets and Chairs

Six closet doors being painted. They were removed when we demolished our upstairs and then stored during the remodel. We hated how they looked so dated and ugly, so I sanded the rough spots and painted them to match the room doors and trim. I propped all the doors up on the front lawn and went crazy painting them before the rain this weekend, had to do two coats. Especially since these little tiny gnat bugs decided to have a mass suicide on the wet painted doors leaving behind red wine colored streaks. Not too pretty, thank goodness for coat number two of paint, which I let dry in the garage thankyouverymuch.

Not perfect, but much better than we could find at the local Home Despot. There, it was either mirrors or very lightweight doors that would break. I know how hard the boys are on doors, and it seemed really silly to spend $1,000 on mirrored doors that would just get ruined. So hey, This price was right, *free*. I love reusing stuff. Unfortunately we had to purchase tracks and wheels for them as those got bent and tossed during the demo for $25 a set. But they glide very very smoothly and now we don't have to look at our closet contents all the time! Hooray, what a difference that makes in the room, I had no idea.
Last thing to do is install some kind of facing trim to cover up the track glider up at the top, but we have lots of unused new trim lying around that matches the closet door framing, I just have to paint it on a sunny day and get handy husband to install it.
Next up is some sewing, gasp! No really, sewing. I'm recovering or making a slipcover (haven't decided quite yet), a chair that we got off of Freecycle several years ago. You can see a tiny bit of it here, it is a very intensely ugly deep orange. Currently it is a ground chair, with no legs, and we are in negotions as to what kind of legs to add if we do. This is Alex's chair, so he chose this super cool fabric from
Pretty mod huh?

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