Sunday, November 11, 2007

Box of Rocks

Alex was sorting a container of his tumbled rocks the other day. There were a lot of cool colors and shapes. He is trying to think of what to make with all of these. Some are pretty enough to make some kind of jewelry or decorative stuff.
And seeing all these stones in lovely little piles, reminded me that I'd like to make some cabinet pulls with stones (bigger ones from our river or beach). I really really loathe the pulls in our kitchen, and I do not want to spring for new ones, as all the ones I like are of course quite spendy and we have a lot of cabinets!
I'd also like to reuse the existing pulls somehow. So I thought I'd try to make some like these or these.
My idea is to chop the offending handle off the posts, drill holes in the stones, and glue in the posts from the old pulls. This will possibly take some new drill bits, (oh yoohoo Dremy-moto...Dremel motor tool), I know I have a diamond bit that I bought when I carved my own runestones, not sure if that will work or not though, and some type of super duper glue. There are a dizzying array of glues at my small hardware store, so this will take some research.


Lunaea said...

Those knobs at the website you posted look very cool -- I liked the one that was a split rock that joins back together when both cupboards are closed. What about doing that with a geode? You'd only see what's inside when you open the door!

Deirdre said...

gorgeous collection of rocks Alex has - did he find them all? How long did they take to tumble?

I love the stone knobs - if drilling doesn't work - maybe you could take a cheap wood knob and hollow it out to make the rock fit, that might be easier than cutting stone. If you painted or stained them black I'd bet the wood wouldn't show at all.

And I'd say GORILLA GLUE would work at holding them on