Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cornucopia, Refilled

Another filling Cornucopia, mostly filled with movies:

You've got to check out this quilt exhibit from Australia. Seeing this exhibit this morning online makes me want to:

1) Move to Australia to meet these inspiring artists

2)Throw away all my quilts

3)Start making new kinds of quilts.


After reading about the collaborative prints offering from The Sampler, it reminded me of how much I really really want a print Gocco or thermalfax for making screens for printing. Hope you are listening Santa... I guess I should really try to use the screen printing stuff I already have and make sure I like using screen printing. Ok, you are right! I talked myself out of it. There are always screen making services if I do find I like it. Time to save up my pennies I guess.

Yet another magazine to check out: Adorn. sigh. ALthough I am probably too old for this one, looks to be aimed toward a younger, hipper (ie not hippie or hippy) audience.


And finally we can subscribe to the hilarious, unstuffy, fun new quilting magazine: Mark Lipinski's Quilter's Home Magazine.

Movies I've seen Lately:

The Sea Inside - This one had been on my list for a while, and it was so good. It is a Spanish film about a real story of a parapalegic man who tried to change the law so that he could be helped to committ suicide. This is of course an explosive topic, but they show it from all sides, from the inside of the man at the center of the controversy, from the point of view of his caretakers, his friends, the lawyers, etc. Very moving, I think I was crying for about the last half of the movie. Makes you think, and makes you feel, and it is beautifully photographed to boot. Oh, and the best flying in a dream imagery I've ever seen, that's exactly how it looks in my dreams.

If you like horror movies (not the newer "tortureporn" like Saw), but really good scary, disturbing, funny and surprising, then go to the movies and see The Mist. Based on a Stephen King novella, although they changed the ending very substantially, it is brilliant. The monsters are scary, and as in most King stories, the people are worse than the monsters.

I was most impressed with Marcia Gay Harden's portrayal of a rather beyond cracked fundamentalist. My teenager and I dragged the husband (who really doesn't like scary movies) to see it, and he dug it. We all looked at each other afterwards and said "Couldn't you see this happening in Johnnie's?!" It is set in a small insular rural town (like ours), most of the action takes place in an old-style grocery store (like Johnnie's in our town). Anyways, this movie had us talking for days afterwards, which is usually the mark of a good movie in my mind!

Lost Highway - This David Lynch movie is truly weird (aren't all of his movies), hard to watch in some spots, but mind-bending. I love his stuff, non-linear cinema at its best. Have you heard this interview with him about creativity? He is really onto something!

Donnie Darko- Watched this one with my teenager and marveled at the story once again.

It is worth watching more than one time. He really enjoyed the movie and we were discussing it for days afterwards, he said he wished everyone at his school would see this movie.

Collateral - We almost finished this movie, about 20 minutes from the end the dvd stopped working, and no matter what we tried, it failed at the same tense point of the movie. arrgggh. So we sent it back to netflix, got the replacement yesterday and all gathered to watc the end of this rather gripping movie. I take it out of the netflix envelope and the disc is completely cracked! Not scratched or smudged, but physically cracked. arrgggh again. So no one better spoil the ending, and it damn well better be worth waiting for! We were joking that the ending must suck, so people are throwing the discs across the room in disgust or something...we'll see at some point, I hope! No spoilers puhleeze!

Lord of The Rings: Return of the King - We re-watched this on my husband's birthday this past weekend. He hooked up the surround sound that we've had for years and wow, did it ever complete the experince. All we need now is a gigantic tv (hmmm, we'll see!).

Die Hard 4 - Live Free or Die Hard - We gave the husband this movie for his birthday, and he really liked it. Almost too much action even for an action movie, but very satisfying. Plus the plotline makes you wonder about whether a "firesale" really could happen here.

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