Saturday, November 03, 2007

I Got Yer Verbiage Right Here

Why not, try posting every ding dang day of November? What the hey? I heard a whole lot of good stuff about NaBloPoMo last year, so I'm giving it a whirl this time. It is a nice community over on Ning too. I like Ning, silly name (which is ok by me!), as a social networking site it is pretty well set up and easy to use. The groups within groups thing is pretty cool, good way to organize yourself, and end up talking to people who share more of your interests.

I think this one is hilarious. Even with the intentional "creative spelling". I think it is most likely a play on the icanhascheezburger phenomenon. Which I personally love to pieces, even with the crazee spellin. Hey, I'm still upset with all the misspelling on Disney's Winnie the Pooh, grrrrr. It isn't that I don't misspell things, everyone does (even English Majors), but kids are the consumers of all things Pooh , guess where they pick up information on how the hell to spell things in our crazy language. It is hard enough people! Sword, enough, trough, bye, by buy. sigh.
And don't even get me started on Target. Oy! My family is entirely sick of me ranting about it whenever their stupid commercials come on. Hello, goodbuy. grrrrr. Not only are they completely ruining The Beatles with that ad, but it is seven ways to sundown wrong, or should I say rong to be putting this crapola in their ads. Kids learn to read from all the printed or graphic material that comes into their view, All of it. They don't know when things are intentionally misspelled to make a cutesy play on a song lyric. And having this kind of stuff flashing up on the screen or across magazine ad pages is not helping the problem of learning to read these days. (For adults too, who seem (seam) to have a hard enough time of it!).
hmmm. ok. rant over.

And since I'm going to be doing all this blog posting, I suppose I'll give it one more try. Nanowrimo one more time, until I get it right. And goodness me, I think I've got a really good story this time. But more on that later.

Yes, I know I said last year if I didn't finish my November novel monstrosity, I'd never try again. Well, you didn't know it, but I had my fingers crossed behind my back, so nahnahnah, I'm doing it anyways. So there.

Let the verbal diarrhea begin!

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