Sunday, November 04, 2007

Henna hands

Here are some pictures of what my hands look like today. I got hennaed at a friend and sister priestess' 50th birthday party on Friday. We were all gathered to welcome another priestess to our group Sisterhood of the Silver Branch, and so I chose some symbols that would be appropriate for my role in the ceremony. On my right hand is a pomegranate with some crescent moons.
I always wondered what it would be like to have henna done, and it was quite an experience. It was hard not to fidget or stretch my hands. It felt like a real luxury (it was quite spendy) and a big treat to have myself taken care of and attended to in this way. It also was fabulous to do it with a group of friends like this too.

On my left hand is my personal symbol, similar to the traditional buddha eye .
The henna is darkening even more since I took the pictures this morning, I wonder how long it will last???

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Deb R said...

That's so cool-looking! That's what I really wanted when I went on vacation this past summer - a free-style henna tat, but I couldn't find anyplace that did anything except stencil work. The one I got, lasted a couple of weeks I think, although it faded quite a lot by the second week.