Friday, November 23, 2007

Maple Beauty

Having a fun Thanksgiving weekend with family, so I'm too pooped to post much at the moment. So here is a picture of our Japanese maple that is in the front yard. With some of the best colour we've ever seen. Not sure why, maybe it is just old enough, or the weather fairies cooperated or... I think this tree is about 4 or 5 years old. It is protected by some round wire fencing to protect it from marauding bambi type characters.

Today we:
stole a bunch of music from my brother and v.v. (I see it as just like making tapes for each other like we've always done)
went to the best deli in Santa Cruz for lunch: Zoccoli's
Toured the UCSC campus (Alex has declared he is definitely going there, I'll ask him in 5 years and see what he says).
Went to the beach and watched Zach and my brother skimboard, and watched a huge seal watch them from the waves.
Drove back to my parent's house.
Went to see BodyWorlds at the Tech Museum in San Jose.
Drove back to my parent's house and devoured (completely gone!) the leftovers from T-day and drank mojitos, both the hi-octane and unleaded versions.
Drove home.
Yikes, no wonder I'm so beat.
Good night!

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