Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hassling Elvis

I was in Costco the other day, checking out the christmas toy extravaganza and was surprised to see a talking singing Elvis head. Doesn't he look mean? Or slightly evil?
Then right next door, I came upon this!

A completely hassled looking Elvis.

Out of the box.

Hair tousled just so.

Looking so very up to date.

And slightly like David Hasselhoff (hassle Hasselhoff, hmmmm).

I think someone was confused and thought this was one of those style my hair to death Barbie heads.

Or maybe the Costco employees were bored after hours.

Who knows!?!?!

All I know was that I was laughing so hard I cried (by myself!), watch out for the crazy lady in aisle 3!!

I was sad that I was by myself and couldn't share this absurdity with anyone, then I recalled the camera on my new phone, woohoo, and here you go, share the laugh with me.And just to prove you can make a cool looking kaleidoscope out of any picture, here you go: Hassled Elvis Kaleidoscope!

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