Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cornucopia Full Again

I wish I could buy these Ugg boots, aren't they cute? I have no idea why they sell these in California, who needs warm boots like these?? I have been hankering after a new pair of boots for a while now, perhaps I'll find have to make some felted ones or maybe some Arwen's Elf boots!

So with our living room almost done, we're now looking to replace the teeny tiny sconce that is almost at the top of the 22' wall. It looks rather silly and puny and just plain lonely. I'm looking for something big and dramatic, so we went to the lighting store. Armed with only my camera on my phone, here is what we found that I liked. None of them seem big enough though.
Is this not THE cutest picture ever?
If only this was 3' across, or maybe we could put up more than one.... I love the shadows it casts.
I liked this floral shape, but no way am I getting an upward facing wall sconce. It would fill up with dust and dead bugs, and since it is so high up the wall it would not be easy to clean out... makes me go ewwww just thinking about it.

Recently I've been looking into some of the newer fabrics that are out there as alternatives to cotton. Cotton is really tough to produce organically, and it is a crop that depletes the soil at a pretty quick pace. A good blog for info is Organic Clothing.

So bamboo keeps coming up as an alternative. Dharma Trading has three types available. And there is actually a partial bamboo mix batting for using in quilting. Next time I need batting, I'm going to try this one. I've heard good things about it sewing up well, haven't heard or read anything about how it washes up though. Couldn't find it online either, even though someone had said they bought it at Joann's...

And finally,
How about this for a cool workshop/class to take? Women Art Life looks like a really worthwhile one to spend your time and money on.

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SaoirseDaily2 said...

Love those boots! I sure could use those up here in Spokane. We are going going to get our first bit of snow over night tonight. Enjoyed your blog. Have a terrific week.