Saturday, November 24, 2007

Leethal Goodness

I found a link somehow someway to leethal, where Lee Meredith sells her indie crafted recycled super coolio stuff, and decided I needed to order some of her recycled fabric patches, oh and some buttons too. Hey the price was right, and I liked the whole recycled reusued vibe she has going on.
Here are the buttons, they are the gondola series, which are made from some of her photos. I think someone in my family who skis will be getting them, if I can pry my sticky greedy fingers off of them.
Here's a closer view of the patches, I got one of each, coffee!, tea!, beer!. They're screen or block printed on recycled fabric squares. I'm currently washing the icky green t-shirt they'll be going on, so I can't show that to you quite yet.
Oh, and since I ordered enough, I got a mix cd too! How fun! I love love love mix cd's and this one has some songs I didn't have in my collection, hooray!
And everything is wrapped in recycled magazine paper, you can see in the first picture, even the envelope was made out of it. Very clever packaging that carries out the recycled is *cool* dammitt theme.
So get yourself some leethal!


Suzie Ridler said...

I love the idea of stamping onto fabrice like that, it's giving me ideas. Thank you for the inspiration!

leethal said...

wow that post makes me SO happy! i'm so glad you like my recycley vibe, i mean, my "recycled is *cool* dammit theme"! and your t-shirt totally rocks! yay!