Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Live Music Dearth

I'm really bummed. I just found out that The Decemberists cancelled the rest of their tour after playing only two US dates. And we've had tickets for months for their SF show the day after Thanksgiving. Something about a band member's illness. Hope it isn't that the band is breaking up, because I haven't gotten to see them live yet!

So now I'm casting around for what show we should go see instead, since we already "spent" the entertainment budget on a live performance??? I've got it narrowed down to:
Foo Fighters, I can't stop listening to the new cd But they are over in the UK and no US dates are listed. So strike one.

Dave Matthews Band - nope they've only got two shows left this year in New Jersey. They're more of an outdoor summer kinda band anyways. Strike Two.

Arctic Monkeys are definitely getting a ton of airplay around here but they are touring over in Europe. hmmmm maybe we should use some frequent flier miles, that would be a good reason to!

The Fratellis would be cool, I bet they put on a really high energy show. Looks like their tour is over also. Maaannn, what's a forty something wanna-be hipster supposed to do? Strike Three!

I'm not giving up though:
The Shins are in Japan right now, but it looks like they come back to the US in December, not to California though...
White Stripes - they cancelled their tour also, I kinda gave up when their Greek Theater date sold out. shoot! Hope Meg is ok.
Chris Isaak - hmm his tour is over too. Sigh, the good old days, I still have one of the set lists from back in the 80's in Berkeley...
Radiohead they haven't toured in a long time, but it looks like spring next year, woohoo!
... I'm thinking I need some new bands to follow, maybe that play smaller venues?! And tour a little more frequently.
Tragic isn't it?
Guess I'll just stay home for a while longer. Listen to cd's, maybe keep on digitizing my albums, and keeping my fingers crossed that someone I want to go see perform decides to come around the area.
oh, these kaleidoscopes are made from some pictures I posted in the last few days, can you figure them out? I like how they are kinda puzzle like...

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Lauri said...

Being a 40-something year old wanna-be hipster myself, I am TOTALLY into 'Five for Fighting' these days! I would also love to see 'Train'. However, I have no idea about either of these bands schedules.

I do want to say though, that REM is definitely far and away the best live show ever! Hmmm...now you've got me wondering who's gonna be around here...