Thursday, November 01, 2007

Post Halloweenie Report

Halloween has come and gone. Now that the house is all decorated, everyone is begging me to keep the decorations up until we put up the xmas/hanukkah ones around thanksgiving time. Hmmmm, ok I guess. Why the heck not? We got them up so late this year, we may as well enjoy them. Good thing I like skeletons and orange, etc...
Here is what my pumpkin looked like, I rather like the expression I created:

And here is Alex's, aren't those teeth great?

He was a rather horrible looking zombie this year, I had fun doing his makeup. He said he got teased a bit at school for having a "wardrobe malfunction" ie; part of his chest was showing through the rips.

We watched part of the original Night of the Living Dead last night. I forgot how creepy that movie is, and didn't watch the end of it so that I could get some sleep.
Marc carved his pumpkin in record time because he was really tired after work., I don't know how he gets those smooth shapes, but he did have a softer pumpkin than anyone else. I think that makes a big difference in what kind of design you can accomplish in pumpkin carving. Zach's was one of those really reddish lump skinned ones, he said it reminded him of a strawberry, and it was a strange shape. Since it was most stable "upside down", he decided the face should be cared upside down. I think it looks pretty cool.

For dessert we had the Queen of Halloween's Graveyard concoction. It was a big hit. The addition of the zombie chocolate covered gummi bears made it "our own". I think it'll be coming back for another engagement next year, thanks Laume! How do you like my new place mat? It has sparkles in it, so I'm happy It did kinda creep me out to write out the names with R.I.P., but I got over it once I ate some of the extra double chocolate milano cookies.

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Laume said...

Oh, I missed reading this post. How fun that you made the gravestone pudding! I agree, zombie gummis would be a great addition. Do you remember the year my kids had decapitated zombies and evil teddy graham knights decorating a Yule gingerbread castle?
It is sort of a "take your breath away for a moment" thing to write your family's names on the gravestones, isn't it. I think it gives what would otherwise be just a fun dessert some heft as a Samhain ritual, yes? One could just write "RIP" or silly made up names but it wouldn't have the same sense of looking into the cycle of life sort of thing.