Thursday, November 08, 2007

Olives and Books

For some reason my dear husband remarked on Saturday, that he'd really like to make some olives, that he'd seen the how-to's in the paper. So I checked it out and we ordered a ten pound box of black sevillano olives from Great Olives aka Penna Farms . On the condition that he would do the processing and so forth. Since I failed so badly with the great apple influx of '07, I didn't want to be responsible for letting even more food spoil unnecessarily !They arrived yesterday. In a box. So I called him up and said "your olives are here." And lo and behold, he came home and sliced into each and everyone on either side and plopped them in two pots of water. They have to soak for 10 days, with the water changed every single day. We'll see how that goes....

They are really big and juicy looking. Son Alex couldn't resist, even though he was warned, and just had to try one, which he promptly ran and spit out in the sink. bitter, oh so bitter!
And I scored at Goodwill yesterday! (Did you know there is an online Goodwill auction site?)
Check out these books, one of which I already owned in paperback, and is now up on PaperBackSwap, guess which one?
Yes, you are right, the Sherri Tepper book,Raising the Stones. It is one of my very favorites by one of my favorite authors so I'm thrilled to get to replace it in hardback.
Also, one of the best post-apocalyptic genre novels around (at least that I've ever read),A Gift upon the Shore

In the background is a brand new rug that they were selling, there was a giant stack of them in greens and blues. Lime green came home with me, $6 seemed like a good price. Spike had to check it out and give it a good going over. Since it is placed in front of the french doors where the sun comes in, I have a feeling this will become a regular cat lolling spot.And finally, I spotted a brand new (at least to me), candy bar. One of my faves of all time is 3 Musketeers, and here was a mint/dark chocolate version. Sounds perfect for me, as I love mint and dark chocolate. eh. It was different. I liked the texture. But cheap dark chocolate really takes away from the experience. Guess I am now a chooclate snob in addition to being a coffee snob. Me and my finely refined palate...

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Laume said...

I didn't know about the paperback trade book group. This might solve my problem of what to do with some favorite duplicates that I've been hanging on to, not sure if it's worth the 3-1 trade with my local used book store. Thanks! I love Sherri Tepper and I've never heard of this particular title before. Another book to add to my "look for" list.