Thursday, November 29, 2007

Seen Around Town

The full moon this past week, seen through some trees in Saratoga.

These are some pictures of downtown San Jose's "Christmas in the Park" on the first night (Friday after Thanksgiving). We did a quick walk-through after going to see the awesome Bodyworlds II exhibit at The Tech Museum. Have you ever seen this exhibit? It has been traveling around for a while now. The human bodies on display were amazing, beautiful, intricate and formidable. I found them for the most part to be treated very respectfully. Some weren't, but on the whole I found the whole thing to be inspiring and informative too. Many of the bodies had diseased lungs, and there was a big display at the end encouraging people to quit smoking and discard their packs of cigarettes. I don't know how you could keep smoking after seeing the black lung versus the healthy lung display. yuck!
The displays weren't complete by a long shot, but I did like these light-wrapped trees.
I liked how the tree disappears in this shot, leaving only the lights and the looming building.

What's this? A special type of teeny or fancy porta-potty? We must investigate.
It is a special one, presumably for elf sized folks. Yes, my much larger than elf-sized children climbed in. Actually Alex did, and then Zach tried to lock him in. Haha, aren't big brothers fun? not! according to Alex.And then, here is our very favorite statue to climb on:Quetzalcoatl, serpent god of the Aztecs. Very controversial statue, it was almost pulled when it was first installed. Some people were insulted or offended by it, saying it looked like a pile of dog doo. (whatever! I like it!) Kinda appropriate then that it is situated in guardian position near the array of variously sized porta pottys. That is Alex's teeny tiny head on top, and Zach is to the right in the foreground.
Santa Cruz downtown at dusk. Taken from the Noah's Bagels giant open windows.

Aren't I just a totally sneaky mom and wife? They didin't even know I took their picture. Using the large folded-in windows as we sat and had a bagel before going to see "The Mist".

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Sacred Suzie said...

Oh I love seeing your full moon and the world around you. Pretty lights! I love that statue. People can be so ignorant. Snakes like to sit like that and are incredibly powerful animals! I love the spy-shot of your family, LOL. :)

You know, you could be right about Miss Monneypenny! I never thought about that but she would be the perfect spy, I knew that was a good cover, LOL.