Monday, October 02, 2023

October To-Do


Here's how my design wall looks on the first day of September. Metro Twist in process, and the work I got done in the Christina Camelli wedge workshop. Two orphan blocks that I need to put away. In the foreground a pile of quilts I'm working on or recently finished.

Sew-a-Long Thingies 

Trinket -  make backing and binding, layer and quilt.

Color Collective - Quilt and bind the Slopes Quilt, 

make another side for the Clover Pillow with Swerves, start cutting for Colorwash

Temperature Quilt- dye more of some of the colors I'm running out of, keep piecing monthly columns.

Pantone Project - keep making blocks and pass them on to friend Jaye.

Secret Lives of Color- it's still oh so very secret, keep reading the book and making the blocks, post some too.

New Work

A Hot One - planned quilt celebrating the color of the year, Viva Magenta.
Metro Twist - finish assembling top, borders? Make backing

Garment Sewing Academy - finish Cielo top.

Make It Work - assemble a quilt top out of the materials for BAMQG

Wedge Quilt - finish assembling quilt top, make a backing.

Finish It Up
Y.E.S. Coat - lay out what I've made, make more elements.

Village/Japanese Houses -Finish quilting bind, label

That's enough of a variety to choose from, here's hoping I can get some more finishes accomplished.

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