Tuesday, September 05, 2023

Back To Pantone Land


At Sew Day, I received yet another great selection of Pantone Project blocks from friend Jaye. Aren't these all so great? 
That reminded me that it was time for some of my own Pantone Project block making. I like this selection of colors, it would make a great palette for a quilt, wouldn't it? It's amazing how inked up the postcards get when they go through the mail. Better inked up than torn up like the one that arrived in a plastic baggie with a "sorry about that" note from the post office.
This is a really odd color, it's right in-between grey and a pastel lavender.

After making the Orange Bullseye, my orange stash of fabric is definitely depleted. Thankfully, I still have a lot of oranges to choose from.

I'm always happy when I remember that I have this ruler, it works so perfectly.


Jaye said...

Great selections! I agree that that lavender/grey(??) is odd. I suppose we should tag Pantone on IG and get some love for this project. Maybe they'll explain why their colors are so weird.

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

I have a feeling the weird selection of colors in this postcard box is that it's pretty random and representative of all of the colors that Pantone formulate/calculate/quantify. The number of colors they have to choose from is vast. Some of them are clear and bright and so forth like we prefer for use in quilting. And then there's all the others. I like the idea of tagging Pantone, maybe on Instagram next time we post some blocks?