Saturday, April 22, 2023

Pre-Retreat Supplies

Before the BAM retreat, we all met up at the LQS, Family Threads Quilt Shop. I found a very cool Typography FQ which features a really nice Z, as well as that nice orange triangles print. The floral green blue print looked very interesting when rolled up and even better when laid out. And then there’s the jewel toned small polka dots. That color combination was irresistible.  The brown texture print might end up in a Climate Change quilt I’ll be working on later this weekend.

The pink add a quarter ruler is because I forgot mine at home and I wanted to work on a paper piecing project at the retreat.

After lunch we strolled the Main Street of San Juan Bautista and I found these beautiful polished serpentine (state rock of CA) isn’t that color just so perfect and beautiful? I had no idea serpentine could be this color, and then of course I looked it up, and it's the state rock of California for an economic reason. (of course) It's a NOA, Naturally Occurring Asbestos. Back in 1956 when they chose it, that was a very big industry, of course we know better now. But it's still a cool rock, I won't be chopping it up and breathing it in though.

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