Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Stitching on SJSA Blocks


Most of the stitching of the two SJSA blocks is now done. They both had a lot of tiny details, so I chose to use machine stiching this time. This one in particular took a lot of time because of the trees and roots.
This wording was done as directed by the block maker in a comprehensive note that accompany the block. The first time I've ever gotten any direction or input from the block maker. I tried my best to do the lettering just as they asked. I briefly considered making letters out of red fabric on my Circuit but they would have been so skinny that they'd have been covered up by the zigzag/satin stitching I'd be doing anyways. I think the words read really well.
This one is all done except for the lettering, which I may accomplish with some couching of yarn as the block maker has requested black and red letters. I might do some testing on that one first.
The instructions were very clear on this one too, they really wanted the pen/pencil lines stitched which really help with the 3-D-ness of the shoe.
Close-up of the snake face.

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