Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wandering Wednesday - Mount Shasta

 This time last week I was looking at this view. Mount Shasta. We went on a last-minute, last-of-summer trip with my sister-in-law and her family up to Oregon and back.
My nieces had fun walking through the meadow on a short hike while we sorted out an exploding radiator problem, car trouble on vacation is such a pain. It all turned out okay except we didn't get to hike as much as we were planning to.
 This was the view from the beginning of the short hike to Panther Meadows. And luckily for us, no panthers were sighted thankfully!
 The view back towards the valley below. The haze made the different mountains look like ocean waves to me.
 The color of the rock was so stark and beautiful against this blazing blue sky. I'd never been there when it was so clear. Mount Shasta is known for creating it's own weather and usually has a ring of cloud cover around the top.
 So many late-summer wildflowers in the meadow.

 There were people in the meadow sketching, meditating and enjoying the perfect day.
 Wild onions in bloom.
 The curves of the dead branches made me think of a quilting pattern, this is my reminder to myself to sketch it out.
 I could have stayed there all day in the shade enjoying the quiet.
 Is this postcard worthy or what?
I had a good time with my nieces imagining what messages the beetles are leaving us as they eat their way through the tree bark.  This would also make an interesting quilt pattern, hmmm.

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