Monday, August 22, 2016

Fourth Study Square

Here is this week's Study Square Quiltlet. 
The words of the week were:
 There's been a lot of sewing activity happening in my work-room, so I had a ton of scraps to choose from. I tried to separate out the stuff from previous weeks, but a little of it ended up in there. I'm looking at it like it's a continuous flow of scraps from week to week.
I stitched this with a new WonderFil thread that I just got called Spagetti (yes it's spelled that way) which is a 12 weight cotton, a heavier weight thread than usual, so I had to use a topstitch needle and sew a little bit slower. My machine had no problem with it at all. I love the more graphic, impactful look of it and how it sits on top of the fabric instead of blending down into it and disappearing. I also like how it made the zig-zagged edge look. More on this thread in another post...

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