Friday, August 05, 2016

Shopping Row by Row

 I now have obtained enough patterns from this year's Row by Row Experience to attempt to put together a quilt. These lovelies come from Golden State Quilting, a store in Campbell which is quite near to me, but I'd never been in there before. I've definitely bought Kaffe Fasset fabrics from them at PIQF though. They have an entire wall of his stuff, it's absolutely a traffic stopper when you enter the shop. It is a great store, wonderful staff, nicely laid out, perfect selection of fabrics that suits my tastes, I'll definitely be back. So, yes Row by Row Experience definitely brings fabric shops some new business.

These FQ's are from the Beverly's Fabrics in San Jose, which was enormous compare to the one I usually go to in Aptos. It looked like a Michael's craft store as you entered and was grocery store sized, but way in the back they had huge racks of fabric.

So, now that I have enough patterns, I'm going to begin trying to fit them together into one quilt top that doesn't look insane. There's a lot of common repeating imagery, so that'll help tie it together, and I'm going to try to use fabrics that I bought at each shop in that row and all the others too. Not really shooting to win the big prize of 30 FQ's at one of the shops if you're the first to turn in a completed quilt. But who knows, it might happen

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