Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wandering Wednesday: Scottsdale, AZ

SF Giants Spring Training in Scottsdale, Arizona was so much fun, now I get why people love to go every year. My parents invited me to tag along with them and we had a ball (haha.) Even my dad who has never really been much of a baseball fan enjoyed himself. Pretty much all of the seats in the small stadium are good ones. You're not miles away from the action on the field. The crowd is quite a bit smaller and much more mellow.

 Okay I'm terrible at selfies, I'll admit it. But at least I got my parents in here.
 We got to see several of the Giants new players, like pitchers Johnny Cueto and Jeff Samardzijia.

They had very nice palm trees in Scottsdale.

To fill up some of the extra time we weren't hanging out at the ballpark, we went to Museum of the West which was pretty cool. They had this great setup to have your picture taken with a horse, pretty great illusion, huh?
I was quite taken with the displays of spurs, the shadows were amazing.

This is the same picture but with one of the Instagram filters. I want to print this out on fabric and use it somehow.
One of my favorite things in the museum was the Navajo Chief Blankets, so tightly woven, and beautifully graphic. I could imagine a design based on these easily winning awards as a "Modern Quilt"

 The courtyard sculpture garden had this weeping wall that used water collected from the roof. Gorgeous marks left behind as the minerals stay and interact with the metal surface as the water evaporates.
 We couldn't resist taking pictures with Mark Twain since he was just hanging out downtown.
 I thought he'd look good with the sheriff's star badge from the museum.
 The one night game we went to we were on the other side of the field, so the opposing team was working out right in front of us.
 It was amazing how different the stadium felt at night, and it was much more pleasant to sit out in the perfect night temperature.

 Pretty sure that's Angel Pagan on third.
 Mom and I after the last game we went to. We were sad to leave.

Across the street from our condo was "World Headquarters" which was super mysterious and we made up all sorts of conspiracy theories about what was going on in this anonymous building.


Jaye said...

It does look like you had a great time. I also love the shadows made from spurs.

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

It was really fun. If I make some fabric from the spur shadows I'll give you some, thinking maybe spoon flower?