Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Product Review: Spagetti

 As promised yesterday, here's a short review of this new thread by WonderFil, Spagetti. 
I have an aversion to misspelled-on-purpose words, especially for product names, so I had to get over that quirky hurdle of my own to even order the stuff. But it was totally worth it!
I ordered it through MassDrop, which has been a fun way to be introduced to new products at good prices. There were two color choices offered, and of course, I got the bright rainbow.
This is a very substantial thread, 12 wt Egyptian cotton. The color is intense and brilliant. It feels strong and resilient and very smooth. I used the recommended 100/16 topstitch needle which worked out very well, my machine handled it with no problem.  It doesn't have that waxy coating that tends to build-up and gum up the works of your machine so it flows through without getting stuck. It unwound off the spool very well (I used it vertically.) It is "double-gassed" which means the lint is burned off of it twice, so there wasn't any lint build-up in the bobbin compartment either. That's been a problem for me in the past when using threads like this in the sewing machine.
I only did a straight stitch while quilting this small piece and a zig-zag on the edge. Both stitches show up quite strong and graphically against all the prints and colors because of the heavier weight of this thread.
I could see using it with a longer stitch length to mimic hand-embroidery, or even some of the fancy stitch patterns on my machine. I also look forward to using it for hand-stitching on wool.

Two thumbs up on this stuff, it's great! Uh oh, I just checked, it comes in 60 Colors.


Jaye said...

I am sorry I missed this drop on MassDrop! I am loving some 12wt Aurifil thread I have been using for hand embroidery. I didn't think to putmit through the machine, but I might try that.

I agree about misspelled words. They can't copyright or trademark the Andes if they are spelled correctly. Still, it bugs me.

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

Who knows, *somebody* might have gotten you some for Christmas...