Sunday, August 14, 2016

Scarf Rediscovery

I discovered a cotton gauze scarf that I had dyed ages ago in an over-the-door-organizer that I was dismantling and throwing out. I don't remember why it was wadded up and stuck in there, and I had to wash it because it smelled very dusty. So here it is drip-drying outside on my deck. I took this picture and was struck with how well it blends with the colors that I see outside everyday all around me. I haven't dyed anything in ages, so it's great to have something "new" to remind me of getting back to getting the dyes out!

The scarf is huge, 40" square, but lightweight and very soft. It feels like the right weight for cool summer evenings, so I'm glad that I came across it so I can wear it this summer.  All because I've had a project going where I've been painting all six doors on our second floor that had never been painted after our addition. So the over-the-door-organizer thing had to come down. And while it was down I realized I didn't like it, all the stuff in it was dusty, it blocked the door from opening all the way and knocked stuff down off of my design wall. So out it goes. One of those give-a-mouse-a-cookie kind of situations.

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