Wednesday, August 10, 2016


 I was lucky enough to go on a roadtrip to Arizona in early spring for Giants Spring Training with my parents. We started off with a stop in Sedona. I hadn't been in here in a while and it was just as beautiful as ever. The sky was changeable from brilliant blue to stormy in a few minutes.

 My parents ready for the first hike of the day.
 The bend in this tree branch looked so human to me, like the folds in skin when your elbow bends.

I was really taken with the reflections in the water.

 We were confused by all the ducks (stacked rocks) but it turns out they're grouped like this to mark where people think the vortexes are in Sedona. Oh who knows?!
 That bright pop of spring green was so striking against the gray and dark green and red rocks.

This was one of the nicest trees I've hugged in a long time.

 All of a sudden it was the golden hour.

 I remembered to take a panorama shot for once. Oh that wide open sky.

 A spot of color in the early spring forest.

 I liked this heart made of rocks on the river beach.

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