Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Returning to ATC's

 CQFA was this past Saturday, and that meant I needed to make some ATC's. Using the scraps from the Pies and Points class I laid this out and quilted it in a grid.
 All raw edges, fabric shapes not cut or modified to fit, used 'as-is'.
 Quilting in an unmarked, not-quite-exactly-even grid was pretty relaxing.
 I fussy cut out of the quilted piece, five 2.5x3.5" ATC's.
 Replacing the pieces I'd cut out in the reverse orientation gave this an interesting look, I might have to use the remains of this piece in that way.

After I zig-zagged around all the shape edges and the outer edge, I thought they were done, but one more round of stitching around the outer edge was needed.
These were the final versions that I traded at the meeting.  I haven't taken pictures of the ones I received in trade, that'll be in another post.


Jaye said...

Sorry I missed these! Great idea on how you used the scraps

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

Thanks! I'm sorry you missed them too, wait until I post pics of the other ones I scooped up.