Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wandering But Not Too Far

For this week's Wandering Wednesday post, here are pictures from this last Saturday's annual car show in Scotts Valley, called Cops n' Rodders. Mostly vintage hot-rods, American muscle cars with a few vintage police cars and a helicopter thrown in for good measure.
I had fun noticing all kinds of details and taking pictures. A lot of the shapes, especially the curves were worth capturing. The chrome springs on this trunk caught my eye.
 There were some amazing hood ornaments.
 This one was really eye catching, about 2 inches off the ground and looked like a grounded space ship.

 Even the interior arm rest was space-age looking.
 Look at this beautiful curve and point in the top of the window edge.

 This perfect front end grille work was so beautiful.
 I love the shape of the turn signal assembly.
 Thunderbird? Jet airplane? Both?
 Hey! Some actual stitching in the engine compartment.
 I think this was a Model A, I liked the idea of having a flower vase for your passenger.
 The entire thing was covered in Real Tree camouflage screen print. Even the tiny kid-sized roadster on the trailer. Why? I couldn't say, but they were really committed to it, that is for sure.

 We were thinking this was added on LED on the top of the headlight assembly, sometimes if vintage cars are actually driven, they have to figure out ways to increase the illumination to the modern standards.
The chrome work on this front-end was really great.
 Hey there I am taking the picture in the reflection. I loved the art deco era font on this Buick Roadmaster.

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