Wednesday, August 03, 2016

On the Road to Anaheim

Wandering Wednesday - Road trip to Anaheim.
 Driving through the fields in Watsonville, I'm always reminded of why I make my abstract landscapes the way I do. If I look at this picture without my glasses, it's a great plan for a landscape piece.
 I know that orange-yellow circle looks like a strange sun in the sky, but it's a petal from almond trees. stuck on the outside of the window. That was a lot more water in the San Luis reservoir which was nice to see after the years of drought.
 Walking around Anaheim through throngs of people dazed from a day at Disneyland and groups of conference attendees I noticed the moon shining through the lit-up palm trees.
 This industrial looking scene with palm trees is so SoCal.
 This sign by the hotel made me laugh.
 This tree by the convention center was impressive, I couldn't fit it all in this one photo as it's 12' wide. It's a Moreton Bay Fig almost 100 years old.

 I liked the curving concrete arches of the convention center.
 This would be a good quilt design wouldn't it?
Sunset on I-5 North heading home. I like how you can see the polka dotted sun tinting on the windshield so well.


Jaye said...

Great shapes and angles.

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

It was fun entertaining myself with taking pictures.