Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Office Supplies Mania

I am lucky enough to have a supplier/enabler for my ongoing office supplies obsession. An International Office Supplies connection. My husband was recently on a trip for work and ended up in Nuremberg, Germany where the Staedtler company is based. Apparently my rhapsodizing about the excellence of Staedtler erasers sunk in, because he bought me one of each type available. And some super nice fine point pens. He got himself a fountain pen and ink.
But seriously, if you haven't tried these erasers, they are magic. Just ask my niece, she was struggling with erasing and I gave her one to use and she looked at me like I'd handed her a magic wand. They actually erase and don't ruin your paper.

Much closer to home at Costco of all places, a 6-pack of Moleskine journals. I had resisted buying these twice already, and finally succumbed, third times the charm and all. These are a really nice, usable size and fit the last available space on my bookshelf filled with blank journals. Yes, I probably don't need any more, right?


Bron McInerney said...

What an excellent gift!
A husband who listens, priceless.

Jaye said...

Best erasers ever.

I have never understood molesmines, but I hope they enhance your creativity.