Saturday, August 13, 2016

Newest ATC's

 Great ATC's this time at CQFA, every single time they're all so creative and unique. This first one is by Amy Witherow, I love the "Pow!" energy of it, almost like a comic book illustration.
 Here's a lovely one from Virginia Schnalle, each one that she made had a different character and on the reverse it said what it was, the one I chose was "Friendship."
 Lastly, a great one from Maureen Lardie, it looks like the best sort of puzzle doesn't it?

The backs of all of the ATC's were interesting too, I love the paper that Maureen used on hers.

My ATC book is so fun to look through, I'll have to bring it to a meeting so everyone can see them all in one place.


Jaye said...

All of your comments about the ACTs are right on! Sorry I missed them.

terri thayer said...

Cool beans! I love seeing them. Almost as good as seeing the smiling faces that go along with them.

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

There were some really great ones, as per usual, CQFA always comes through with the unique ATC's. Maybe next time I should ask each person to pose with their ATC so you can see the smiling faces, Terri.