Sunday, July 24, 2016

What's on the Wall

 The design wall that I have in my workroom is pretty big, so it takes up a lot of visual space in my working realm. I tend to keep things up there for longer than I maybe should. Even when they're done like the quilt on the left, False Flag Sorbet. In theory I'm supposed to be using the design wall more for the recently Sizzixed (yes that's a word as of now) Wavy Scales and the Pies & Points pieces.
Part of it is that i like looking at something that's done when I'm working on the next thing, like a reminder that I can do it. I can actually finish something. I find it encouraging, which I need sometimes. All the positive self-talk in the world doesn't hold a candle to looking with your own eyes at something that you've recently completed (and that you hopefully still like.)
So for the big switcher-oo, I pinned up most of the smallish quilts that are close to being done. And it's like I'm having my own private art show. I haven't looked at many of these in months, so I'm finding all sorts of details I've forgotten. A list has been made of what I'm calling each of these things, where I'm going with them and what's left to do. I'm happy to say that I can see that they were made by the same person, there's that at the very least.

I'm thinking of making this a regularly scheduled blog post, maybe weekly or bi-weekly, just so I can look back over a year's worth of how this visible component of my artistic output changes over time.

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