Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Something From Nothing

 My studio motto is now officially: Make Something from Nothing.
Still working on the same piece from the previous machine needle-felting post. I am now past the point where I'm using the tulle net to hold all the zillions of little pieces down. I'm adding one piece at a time and going over the whole surface to make sure all the bits are as secured as possible.
 Here's how the whole thing looks so far. It has a lot of dimension still, which is what I want, so that's good. I don't want the whole surface to be completely flat. You can see some sections have been more felted than others where the colors are more mixed and the separate pieces are less distinct.
 A lot more has been added to cover up the batting that's showing through, so I'll take more pictures as soon as I'm done with the needle-felting. And then there will definitely be some stitching added on top of the whole thing. I'm picturing a scenario where cutting the whole thing up into pieces and adding it to another piece will make sense.


Jaye said...

I know about needle felting and I understand what you are doing, but I think I have to see it to get it.

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

It's the same idea as single needle felting, but uses five needles all at once and the power of the machine which moves the needles up and down as you move the materials. I can demo the machine for you if you want. It's very lightweight compared to a sewing machine.