Sunday, July 10, 2016

First Try at EPP

 I have been bitten by the EPP (English Paper Piecing) bug that's been going around lately. I got this freebie starter-kit when I was at the Modern Quilt Guild QuiltCon and it was sitting there taunting me. It had these cute little squares of fabrics and precut paper shapes. It looked easy, but I kept putting it off.

But then I kept seeing pictures of the La Passacaglia quilt that were calling to me. There was a good deal with the templates and papers on MassDrop that was expiring, so I gave myself a deadline. If I didn't finish this little teeny project, then I couldn't order the big package of papers and templates to make this very complicated EPP quilt. For the main reason that I have never ever even tried EPP.

So the night the deal was expiring, I sat down and did it, in like an hour. And to my total surprise, instead of being frustrated with fiddliness, I found it oddly relaxing. I get why people are into EPP now. And I can see myself doing an EPP project like the La Passacaglia. Oh let's be honest here: Long Term Project.


Jaye said...

I am so glad you are enjoying EPP! It is very relaxing.

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

I was surprised at how relaxing I found it because usually handwork stresses me out a lot.

Sue Greenwald said...

Such amazing Fussy Cutting! I'd always recommend Complete La Passacaglia Guide