Friday, July 15, 2016

Tuffet Class Day 1

 The first day of tuffet class was devoted to making the eight pattern pieces and marking them with the sewing lines. I only managed to finih sewing one of the sections together in the class, but luckily that was our homework to finish before the next class session.
 The teacher of the class, Robin Koenig from West Coast Tuffets was so enthusiastic about making tuffets and teaching people how to do it themselves, which made her such a great teacher. She was so well-prepared and organized that it made all the technical stuff go very smoothly. Above are all the marked sections and the one foundation-pieced section I completed in class.
 So once I got home to sew together the rest of the sections, I had to plan carefully which fabric was going where, so that when all the sections were joined together there wouldn't be two orange fabrics next to each other, etc.
 I rearranged strip orders several times until I found the arrangement that I liked the  best, taking a photo so I'd remember the order of the strips once it was time to sew them onto the foundations.
 One by one, the sections were completed.
 I tried really hard not to do the colors in the same order every time.
 And then there were three.
 It really was a great variety of batiks in those jellyrolls.
 Half-way there.

 It's just fun to see them all appear one by one.
 The technique for doing the foundation sewing and trimming, etc. got easier with each one completed. But I still had some un-sewing to do a few times.
 The end is in sight, and now I'm wishing I'd gone with the wider strips as I'd have been done ages ago. Instead of eight strips per section, it's only four.

 So close!
Pshew, all eight of the sections done! Next up, assembly time...

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