Thursday, July 14, 2016

Preparing for Tuffet Class

When the opportunity to take a tuffet making class came up, I jumped at the chance. I'd always loved the idea of tuffets and always wanted one of my own (and I love the word.) I think it all goes back to this illustration. When you're a little kid just learning to read, this particular nursery rhyme has a lot of words that don't make a lot of sense and need explanation from adults. I remember having a long discussion with my grandmother about tuffets, because the much older version of the Mother Goose rhymes she had at her house showed Miss Muffet sitting on a rock. Go here and see which one you recall from your childhood.

Anyway! Friend Jaye and I had seen a cool tuffet at a quilt shop in Arizona and then several on display at PIQF, so it was on our minds. So, when the LQS near her, Scruffy Quilts offered a two-day class we signed up.

There was an immediate decision to make to prep for the class, choosing which width of strip to use, 3" or 2. I chose the smaller one, which meant I got more variety in my tuffet but a lot more work.

 I bought a couple of jellyrolls of rainbow batik strips to have a head-start. It was fun to play around with the colors and see what was going to maybe look good in a tuffet. I discovered there weren't enough greens, so I cut some from my stash to add in to the mix.

I considered doing it all in red or another color, but decided rainbow would work better and look best in my studio. Because my plan was that this was going to be for putting my feet up when I'm hand-stitching something.


Jaye said...

I am so glad you are writing about this experience!

terri thayer said...

Me too! I want to make one and just found a semi-local shop that's doing the class.

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

Jaye, I'm glad that you found the class for us to go to!

Terri, you should take the class, I bet you would love the experience of making a tuffet, hope you go for it!