Saturday, July 09, 2016

Santa Cruz FabMo

 I finally was able to get involved in some of the Santa Cruz Area FabMo happenings. First I helped assemble the give-aways for the Santa Cruz Mini-Maker Faire. The people that came to help were all super friendly and it was a small time commitment so I knew I could actually complete it. Plus we met in one of the new buildings that I've been curious about at the new Tannery Arts Center. It's a beautifully done live/work setup for local artists. They reused a lot of the Salz Tannery buildings and built all-new ones. We met in a communal room that had a dance floor and big windows overlooking the river. Just lovely.

It's so nice that they haul all this stuff over the hill for all the fiber folks here. There was a steady stream of very excited browsers pawing through all the stacks of fabrics. The big room at the Harvey West Park was perfect for this setup of tables.

I couldn't resist this spaceship/blueprint/bandana cotton print, it's so cute. I think I might make napkins out of it.  And during my whole shift where I was working I kept rearranging and re-stacking the piles and these slick fabrics kept attracting my fingers. They were so different than everything else in the place. They're meant for outdoor use, so I'm going to make a pillow seat cover for our new deck bench.

Why did I choose these green/purple/brown velvets? A new living room pillow cover I think was the idea. Ours our wearing out and need replacing.


Jaye said...

You are making me think that FabMo might have some fabrics I can use to cover my sofa cushions again. I need quite a bit of fabric so, perhaps, coordinating prints would be possible to find.

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

As long as you don't need enormous pieces of coordinating fabrics, it's definitely worth a look. The next distribution dates are 8/11-13.