Sunday, July 17, 2016

Re-visiting Camp Joy

 Mother's Day was great this year, I finally took my parents to see Camp Joy. They were impressed with the place after hearing me talk about it for so many years. We found all kinds of great plants at the yearly plant sale. We've been missing our weekly CSA basket, but they're letting a lot of the farm rest while the drought continues.Hopefully it will come back soon though (along with some rain please.)
 Reminder to self: Try growing some poppies next year. These flowers just make my heart do flips.

They look so amazing even when the flower petals fall away. I really want to carve a stamp with this image.

One goat remains after a mountain lion attack. I had heard the rumor and felt badly asking them about it, but they still amazed that it had happened after all these years with no problem.

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