Monday, July 18, 2016

Fabric of Recent Memory

 Whether I buy fabric at my local quilt store (LQS) or at a quilt show or online, I like to take a picture of the new additions to my fabric stash. As I'm playing catch-up on blogging, here are some of the last year's worth. It's fun to see what my overall color choices are.
 It helps me remember my groupings of fabric choices if they're meant to stand alone for a project.
 Or they remind me of a time or "phase" that I'm going through.
 They also can be the start of a quilt design, seeing how they all play together.
This was the final choice that I made for False Flag Sorbet.
 Especially if I've purchased something online and I have to confirm that the colors I hoped for are actually there when the fabric arrives.
 Lately I've purchased bundles of fabric from MassDrop and I am reluctant to take them apart, wash the fabric and use it. They just look so nice all tied together, but it's hard to see the designs well..
 But then when they get unfolded it all makes sense why I bought the bundle in the first place.

I rarely buy fabric at a store for one project, as I tend to think of fabric choices as buying colors of paint. But these latest acquisitions seem to want to be in a project together, don't they?

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