Saturday, July 16, 2016

Finishing the Tuffet

 Sewing together all eight sections went pretty easily, and just enough space was left in the middle to fit my finger.
 The whole thing stood up all by itself.
 The last thing we had to do before showing back up for the assembly class was to make the center button. I tried out several black and white fabrics.
 If this had been a batik motif, I might gone with this one, but I thought it didn't suit the other fabrics very well.
 This just looked like a creepy black hole.

 Finally! The right fabric was found. I fussy cut the flower center because I thought it looked a little like a sun.
 Just have stretched the outside of the tuffet over the pillow form, ready to sew on the button with a very clever system that I couldn't have come up with. That's why it pays to take the class. Also, decided to buy the kit with all the parts instead of hunting all over for them was very convenient.
 The center of my completed tuffet after sewing on the button.
 All done! The hardest part was deciding on which feet to use, Robin had so many great choices for us.
Jaye's tuffet! The larger width strips show off the larger motifs in her fabrics really well. Our teacher, Robin is in the background.


terri thayer said...

Love them both!

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

Thanks so much Terri!