Sunday, July 03, 2016

Vintage Yet Modern

 Okay, one last post about the SJMQT exhibit. Some random shots and closeups of details that I really enjoyed on the vintage quilts. The colors on this one block were great, the mourning purple vs. the red and the patterns of the fabric, so modern, right? But look at that nice binding treatment on the edge, and that teeny tiny crossed appliqué stitch.
 These two borders on the enormous hexagon quilt, so simple but wow do they pack a graphic punch even in those softer vintage prints.
 The graphic-ness of these fabric choices in this star block are really great. Again, very modern look to the block because of the colors.

 I've always loved the kaleidoscope block, never made one, but it's on my "someday" list. I love how all the red centers pull the whole thing together.
Another quilt that could easily be a modern one. For a quilt with so many stripes and red and contrast, I find this one very soothing for some reason. I think it's the rhythm that's achieved with the sizing of the columns..
Finally, here's a quilt made of rectangles of suit-weight wools, and tied with enormous knots. The texture of those knots doesn't come across too well in this photo, but it was very eye-catching. I enjoy the dark colors and imperfect piecing of this utilitarian but still beautiful quilt.

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