Monday, July 25, 2016

Weekly Study Square

I've been casting about for a new weekly project that I could attempt, because I've found that I've been missing having a small regular goal for motivation. Over the years I've done a few of these projects, the six word memoir, the 8" abstract challenge - eight inch squares inspired by one abstract concept, a few years worth of journal quilts - 8.5 x 11", daily paper/mixed-media collages, etc. All of these projects gave me a deadline (which I find I need) as well as some rules and limits (but not too many.)  I learned how to work smaller and faster with an emphasis on improvisation.

The above is a 5x5" piece I made at a CQFA retreat out of my table scraps at the end of the weekend. I can look at this little thing and remember what pieces I was working on that weekend even though it was four years ago, just from these little bits of fabric. And I like that, it's a journal of sorts, a very personal one that would probably not interest anyone else, but I find it valuable.

So, as I'm trying to control the amount of scrap-page that's accumulating around here (I literally have boxes full) my new project will be a weekly one, with these rules:

  • At the beginning of each week, I'll use the scraps that have accumulated on my work table from the previous week to make one Study Square Quiltlet
  • The study doesn't have to use up 100% of the scraps, but I'll try to use as much of them as possible.
  • If I don't have enough scraps to make anything, I'll use the leftovers from the previous weeks.
  • I won't purchase anything new to make my weekly study.
  • My prompt will be drawn from here. Any combination of the random 8 words generated.
  • I  can make more than one thing per week if I find it necessary.
  • Other things besides fabric scraps are allowed to be incorporated, but I can't buy anything new specifically for this project.
  • The size of each piece will be 8.5 x 8.5" (to fit this box I've had for ages.)
  • I will make a blog post with a picture of the weekly study sometime in the following week.
Weekly Study Square Project is beginning today!

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