Thursday, July 21, 2016

QuiltCon West

Way back in February, friend Jaye and I road-tripped to Pasadena for the Modern Quilt Guild annual convention, QuiltCon West. Up until that point, I hadn't been a part of the Modern Quilt movement, but I had been interested in it, so why not, it's alway fun to see more quilts! (and to go places with Jaye) 

The quilts themselves were very much worth the trip. I'm not sure what I expected, because the definition of a 'Modern Quilt' is rather amorphous, so it was fun to look at all of them and try to figure it all out. 

I think my favorite thing at the show was a special exhibit from a quilt artist from 1970's, Molly Upton. She'd been an inspiration of mine when I began studying the art quilt movement, especially because of the range of quilting materials that she used. It's very interesting to me that the Modern Quilters are also using her as inspiration. Here's a video slide show of all the quilts that were presented.
 We arrived in Pasadena and tried to take a selfie with the official street QuiltCon banners with about 40% success. Also shows the great mosaics on the outside of the one of the convention center buildings.
 This speed control button on the classroom Juki sewing machine cracked me up. I stayed on turtle most of the time.
 When we entered the building where our class was we looked over the railing onto the bottom floor and I was really struck by the great design of the carpet. Wouldn't this make a great modern quilt?
 I like this street sticker art modification, robots with heart, awww.
 When you go to a quilt show, everything looks like a quilt block at some point.

 I look like I'm up to something don't I? I was trying to win some fabric from this booth by posting on Instagram!
 From inside the convention center looking out at the palm tree shadows. I like how the almost-grid contains the trees.
 This was taken from an outdoor cafe across the street from the convention center, I like all the textures in this one picture, I was mainly taking it for the quilt block on the truck sign, but ended up with all this other great stuff too. All the letters, different fonts, some window reflections, natural tree/leaf shapes, industrial-ness of the truck. Good representation of Pasadena really.
I was taken with the street sticker art at the crosswalks.

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