Sunday, July 31, 2016

Product Review: Needle Beetle

 A product review of one of those cute, goofy things on display by the check-out counter at my LQS. I found it kind of irresistible since I have always liked ladybugs. But as much as I like ladybugs, I did wonder why it isn't a lightning bug? I suppose they're not as cute except for the lighting-up part. Threading needles is one of my least favorite things about hand-sewing, and that was before I started getting old-lady eyes. So this looked like it could be a good solution for me.
First the pluses on using the Needle Beetle, this thing lights up so bright. It was almost a surprise that it was *that* bright which is actually really great when you're using it during the daytime. The sliding button to turn the light on is ridged so your finger can move it easily and the underside of the device is similarly ridged. Good for gripping. I really liked that the button clicks and locks leaving the light on so you don't have to keep your finger down on it. It's lightweight and nicely shaped and fits in the hand nicely. It's a good thing that the needle threader retracts so that it won't get bent or ruined while it's getting bumped around in my hand-sewing kit. The thread cutter works very well, it's placed on the side and is easy to use.

Now the minuses, the wire threader is very very fine and thus very very flexible, but unfortunately it is also quite long which makes it hard to fit back through onto the opening of very fine needles as it bends instead of compressing down. On larger-eyed needles it's not a problem, though. The battery isn't something you can replace, but then I suppose a replacement battery might cost the same as this whole thing did and I'm betting the battery or light bulb will burn out any time soon.

I'd give it a thumbs-up if you're looking for a new needle threader with a light or something cute to have in your hand-sewing kit.


Jaye said...

I am curious to know whether the threading wires will come out of the end in which they are secured? Does the way they are secured seem sturdy enough?

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

I don't know if the threading wires will come out or not. They seem pretty secure for now, but who knows. I'll bring it to CQFA so you can check it out.