Friday, July 01, 2016

Maker's Hand

In the current SJMQT exhibit of vintage quilts along with Kaffe Fasett's companion pieces, there was this wonderful appliqué quilt. 
It was so quirky compared to all the other perfect appliqué quilts you usually see displayed. I don't always respond to those all that well, not being a big appliqué' fan myself. Nothing wrong with them, just not usually my thing. But I loved all the imperfect animal shapes like this carrot (or yam maybe?) beastie. Never did decide what animal it was actually "supposed" to be.

 Isn't this almost-a-Dresden plate flower great? I love the overlapping curvy shapes that makes the flower look more dimensional. This picture shows the fine edge embroidery stitch too.
The framing fabrics were really beautiful and complex East Indian prints that set off the simple appliqué shapes very well. I called this one "The Most Amazing Cow" block. The hovering diamonds just remind me of exclamation points somehow.a

Once I started thinking about it, seeing an imperfectly executed vintage quilt on display in the museum was rather extraordinary. I think we have gotten so used to the technical perfection and excellence, even of the vintage works that are normally chosen for exhibition. You could see "the maker's hand" in this exuberant quilt which is something that I feel is missing a lot of the time.

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