Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Tahoe for Former Skiers

Bringing back the old label I used to use, Wandering Wednesday so I can go back in time and share some of the things I've seen in various places I've been lucky enough to travel to.
Here's some snow and ice pictures to help cool you off in July. Early last December for my birthday we took a short weekend trip to Lake Tahoe with my parents.
 None of us ski any longer, but a lot of Fun (note the capital F) was had. I hadn't walked on a frozen lake in quite a while.
 For some reason I thought it'd be scenic to take a cruise across the part of the Lake that wasn't frozen. It was just on the edge of snowing the whole time so it was quite chilly. But was it ever scenic!
 I was mesmerized by the ripples in the shallow bay near the dock, the sun was hitting them just right.
 The clouds were very dramatic.
 The color of the lake changed from one second to the other as the cloud cover shifted.
 The wake we left behind was pretty.
 Did you know you can take the gondola ride up to the top of Heavenly round-trip?
 I appreciated my husband going on yet another gondola even though he hates them.
It was so beautiful up at the top, sunny and warm, we sat out and watched the snow tubing hill for a while.

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