Sunday, March 10, 2024

Wearables: Project Quilting 15.5

I nearly almost forgot to check out the Project Quilting prompt this week. The prompt for 15.5 is Wearables. That means either something to wear, made out of previously worn clothing, or is somehow related to something wearable. I started thinking about this on Wednesday, worked on it and posted about it Saturday. And finished it in time to submit it on Sunday. I'm covering this blue slap bracelet with a quilt so that I can wear it. I found a nice scraps of stretchy grey knit fabric. I think it is left over from some old pajamas. It's very soft and will feel okay next to my skin.

I sewed it up on three size and turned it carefully using the forceps, and pressed out the end. The slap bracelet slipped right inside without a problem. It's not too loose and not too tight.
I slip-stitched together the open end and it's all done.
I like it!
It turned out great, it's not too stiff or heavy.
Here's how it looks on my wrist.
I may add more buttons, but I think I like them not being too close to the edge.
The buttons aren't exactly in a straight line, kind of echoing the wavy quilting stitch that I used.
Here's how it looks where it overlaps.
Here it is: Pearl Lucky 13, in all its chunky funky glory.


Jaye said...

That looks so cool! I might give you mine and ask you to make me one! We can wear them at the retreat. Everyone will be jealous!

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

Thanks! I'll try to stitch one up to give to you at the meeting on Saturday, you can hand-stitch the end closed.

Jaye said...

That would be awesome!!!