Sunday, March 03, 2024

Re-starting Bohemian Wife

Bohemian Wife is my re-naming of the Jen Kingwell pattern, Gypsy Wife. Again with the use of the word gypsy situation, I know I know. I already said it all when I was talking about the company that makes the Scrap Tape I'm working with for my 100 Day Project
Anyways, I started working on this project as part of a sew-a-long with Gnome Angel. I'd really enjoyed her sew-a-long for the Tula Pink City Sampler - 100 Blocks, so I joined up. This was way back in 2017. I'd gotten pretty far along with making blocks but hadn't left myself a lot of great notes. I brought my box of fabric and blocks and the pattern along to Sew Day yesterday and got myself re-situated with what was left to be pieced.

I got quite a few more blocks cut out and completed. I like how well they go together. Now I am much closer to having to actually make the decision on what to use for the long strips that comprise the background of the quilt pattern. With all of the recent dyeing I've been doing, and a lot of it done on yardage instead of on fat quarters, I'm toying with using a lot of those, maybe mixed in with purchased solids. But prints may be the way to go. I'll have to pin some options up with the blocks to see what looks good. Part of my initial attraction to the cover photo quilt is how well the various blocks blend in with the strips so that they don't stand out much at all individually.
I laid out all the blocks that I've gotten done so far in approximate spaces for where they go in the quilt and this how it looks.
Well...after coloring in the blocks I made, I still have quite a lot more blocks to make. But these are comparatively easy compared to all of the other ones. Glad to have gotten back into this project.


Jaye said...

Every time I think about this project, I think of the reputation of the terrible directions. Every time I see yours, I want to do it. I could just look at the coloring page and make my own version, in my own sizes, I guess. I have so many things on my 'dream' list that I had better just admire yours.

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

They are truly terrible directions. Such a contrast to so many other pattern makers out there. But I was captivated by the cover quilt on the pattern book and will be relying on other people's experiences with getting through the construction part. I think you could design your own version (inspired by) in EQ8 with blocks you really like.